For over 20 years KMPS has successfully designed and constructed mass transfer systems for the worldwide Chemical Processing Industry. Our customers rely upon KMPS for our quality products and technical expertise.

KMPS’ unique combination of chemical process technology development, design and construction expertise positions our developing technology customers on a faster route from lab scale development to successful market ready production. Let KMPS be your Developing Technology Partner.

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Moving to Modular Do you know the benefits of modular construction? Please read “Moving to Modular” in Chemical Engineering magazine.

Startup and Training for your KMPS Modular Process System Construction of your KMPS Modular Process System Detailed Engineering for your Modular Process System KMPS Modular Process Systems Pilot Testing your project

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  • Azeotropic Distillation Systems for purifying chemicals

    Extensive experience providing azeotropic distillation systems designed to recover high purity chemicals.

  • Solvent Recovery and Wastewater Stripping for Pharmaceutical Industry

    Consistently delivering cost-effective and on-time solvent recovery and wastewater stripping systems to the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.

  • Liquid-Liquid Extraction and Distillation Technologies

    Our liquid-liquid extraction and distillation technologies are critical resources for the product recovery and purification needs of this important and developing sector of the chemical industry.

  • Recovery of Valuable Hydrocarbons Compounds

    Recovery and purification of valuable hydrocarbons compounds.

  • Proven expertise includes Citrus Oil folding and fractionation

    Our proven expertise includes Citrus Oil folding and fractionation, Mint Oil purification and other deep vacuum and thermo-sensitive distillation applications.

  • Plant technology for the production of Silane and Granular Polysilicon

    Koch Modular Process Systems has become a global leader in the ultra high purity electronic specialty gases industry.